It gives me pleasure to welcome members of the University Community and other stakeholders to the website of the Quality Assurance and SERVICOM Unit.This website is loaded with varieties of items such as Information, News Update, Frequently Asked Questions, Gallery and Downloads as well as Uploads on Faculty Board of Studies/Examinations, Work Plan, Student and Staff Complaints among others.

Quality Assurance and SERVICOM are similar to identical twins. Their functions are interwoven. Simply put, there is a symbiotic relationship between the two terms.One way to make a clear distinction between the duo is to define the  two terms. Quality Assurance on one hand is the process of verifying whether a service or a product meets required specification and customer expectations. It is a process-driven approach that facilitates and defines goals regarding service/product design,development and production.

The primary goal of Quality Assurance is tracking and resolving deficiencies prior to service delivery. Quality Assurance increases customer confidence and credibility and improves efficiency and overall work  processes. An organization’s Quality Assurance approach generally emphasizes management, knowledge, skills,personal integrity, confidence, quality relationships and infrastructure.

SERVICOM on the other hand is an acronym derived from two words – service and compact.The combination of the words gives service compact.The short form of the two words is SERVICOM. Individually, service simply means the needs of the public which is provided in a planned and organized way by an individual,organization and government. Compact on the other hand is a formal agreement between two or more people as well as between the government and the citezens.

In this case, SERVICOM  is a service compact  whereby customers or clients are expected  not only to be served but served right by the service provider. Put in another form, SERVICOM  is an agreement between the Federal Government, including all its organs agencies as well as parastatals such as universities and the Nigerian people. SERVICOM was introduced in 2004 by the Olusegun Obasanjo’s led Federal Government.

SERVICOM was not established to with-hunt. The  role of  SERVICOM is to ensure customer’s satisfaction and provision of value added service. The major aim of  Quality Assurance and SERVICOM is to ensure quality efficient and effective service delivery.

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